Varenyky (Pierogi)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help makes and sells varenyky (pierogi) throughout the year

Varenyky (pierogi) can be ordered by calling 304-232-1777. Orders are taken on Tuesdays between the hours of 7pm to 8pm and on Fridays between the hours of 9am to 4pm. Orders can be picked up at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Annex building between 9am to 4 pm. on Fridays. The annex building is located at 4136 Jacob St. (rear) Wheeling, WV.

OLPH offers the following for sale:

Potato and Cheese $6.00 a dozen
Potato and Onion $6.00 a dozen
Sauerkraut $6.00 a dozen
Cabbage Rolls $1.50 each

Call 304-232-1777

Tips for re-heating varenyky (pierogi)

You can prepare your pierogies in the microwave, oven, boiled, sauted, grilled or deep fried. Enjoy them as a snack, an appetizer, or as a complete meal.

SAUTE frozen pierogies in a skillet with butter or oil. Turn occasionally until golden brown on both sides, approximately 8 minutes.
BOIL 2 quarts of water. Add frozen pierogies and heat for 6-8 minutes (or until they float); drain.
BAKE frozen pierogies in a preheated 400 degree oven on a rimmed baking sheet coated with nonstick spray. Spray both sides of the pierogies. Bake 18-20 minutes until pierogies are puffed and nicely browned. For best results, turn pierogies over halfway through bake time.
DEEP FRY frozen pierogies in 350 degree oil for 4 minutes until crisp.
GRILL frozen pierogies for 5 minutes in a preheated grill. For best results, spray both sides of pierogies with nonstick spray before grilling.
MICROWAVE Place in a microwave-safe bowl, cover pierogies completely with water and loosely cover bowl with plastic wrap. Microwave on high approximately 5 minutes; drain water. (Not recommended unless re-heating pre-cooked pierogies.)